The Ultimate Bass Combination Pack
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The Ultimate Bass Combination Pack
Regular price $27.99

The ultimate in versatility for the serious bass angler that wants all of their bases covered!  The Ultimate Bass Pack consists of three of our most popular scents including Crawfish, Garlic Crawfish and Shad.  If this combination doesn't put more fish in the boat, than nothing will!

  • Made with real baitfish in a super concentrated form
  • Three of our most popular scents including Shad, Crawfish and Garlic Crawfish
  • Contains natural bait fish enzymes infused with powerful amino acids an other bite stimulants
  • Formulated to target a fishes olfactory glands and trigger big strikes
  • Fish hold on longer meaning more hook-ups and more fish in the boat
  • No mess formula stays on the bait and not in your boat
  • Time tested and endorsed by charter captains, Elite series anglers and weekend warriors alike!


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